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Activity Discussion General Discussion Cyber security


    June 8, 2021 at 5:04 pm
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    Cybersecurity is the process of protecting networks, data, servers, mobile devices, computers, and other electronic systems. This can also be termed as IT security. The name fits in a range of circumstances including the business world and the digitalized brand.

    – Network security This is the primary type of cybersecurity that includes protecting computer interface from invaders like hidden malware and targeted attackers.

    – Application security: This eliminates the threats that are indulged upon the software part and check the insiders of all applications.

    – Information security: This one is responsible to defend and protect the personal and personal data that are in a system.

    -Operational security: This one includes the area under which the major decisions and permissions are taken and done.

    – End-user education: The ultimate protection is given by this. This checks all the unpredictable threats and everything that is not easily detected by any other things.

    Securing Cyber Security

    1. The software must always remain updated.

    2. One should always use Anti-Virus and Farewell to ensure extra safety on their devices.

    3. Passwords and Management of passwords are important. Keep them unique and sorted.

    4. To ensure extra and additional security, a Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication should also be included

    5. Keep yourself updated about scams, malware, and threats that have a chance of affecting your device.

    6. Lay extra protection on your sensitive and essential personal information.

    7. Keep data and information backed up.

    8. Avoid using unknown Wifi whenever possible

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