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Activity Discussion General Discussion Define Afforestation?

  • Tejasri

    June 16, 2021 at 3:29 pm
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    Afforestation is nothing but planting the trees. Planting the trees on a particular land or the land that is abandoned.

    Afforestation is very useful to prevent and maintain the oxygen levels. Due to the deforestation, many of the trees are being cut and the oxygen supply has been reduced very drastically. Afforestation will help to maintain the oxygen levels in the atmosphere and helps the individual and the world to be healthy all the time. Oxygen is the minimum need for the individual to survive on the earth. If there is no oxygen, then which will cannot live or survive. When there is no o2, It is equally difficult for the animals to survive.

    It also helps to maintain good forests. Deforestation, that is cutting of the trees makes the land abandoned and trees life less. When an individual takes a step forward to plant trees that is afforestation, good number of trees will be grown and the forests will be developed.

    The most important thing for the animal’s survival is trees that give shelter and plants for the food. When the trees are being cut, some of the animals find no shelter and sometimes no food to eat. When afforestation takes place animals will find good shelter and also good food to eat.

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