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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Define Lubricants.

  • Soniya

    June 6, 2021 at 3:55 am
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    A lubricant is a substance that lowers friction between surfaces in contact, lowering the amount of heat created while the surfaces move. It may also have the ability to transmit forces, move contaminants, and heat or cool surfaces. Lubricity is a quality that helps to reduce friction. Lubricants are utilised for a variety of purposes in addition to industrial applications. Cooking (oils in frying pans, baking dishes to prevent food sticking), biological applications on humans (e.g. lubricants for artificial joints), ultrasound examination, and medical examination are some of the other applications. It is primarily used to reduce friction and contribute to a better and more efficient work environment and mechanism.Some important functions performed by lubricants are-

    1.A lubricant’s principal function is to reduce friction by forming a boundary layer between two surfaces.

    2.Assist in the dissipation of heat from surfaces

    3.Move pollutants to filters

    4.Defends against oxidation and corrosion

    5.Transmission of power

    Eg- Grease used in vehicles

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