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Activity Discussion Environment Describe nature.

  • Shweta

    June 11, 2021 at 5:44 pm
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    Nature is regarded as the beautiful gift by god. Henceforth, the natural things are so attractive and helpful that one cannot even describe it. This gift of god has always acted as a helping factors for humans and animals. Henceforth, the main factors of nature which helps us the most are:

    The land

    The land is the most suspicious thing on the earth. Though it is a gift of God but due to the increase in population in today’s time, it is not free. The land is being used for making houses to live, construction of companies, offices etc. All these works on the land has increased it’s value and today there has been unaffordable prices for the lands. The irrigating land has been distinguished in which the farming is being done for the sake of eating for our survival.


    Water is a free gift of nature by god. Water in the lakes, ponds and rivers helps the people to drink and survive. The rainfall helps the trees and plants to grow. But now, the behaviour of humans are such that they had polluted the water so much that the water needs to be cleaned by the purifier to make it clean and drink. Due to which good and pure mineral waters are being costing money in today’s time.

    Green environment

    The greenery around us which are of trees bushes and flowers etc. due to which we can survive in a purity. It gives you a fresh air to breathe. That is the reason why we should save environment because without it we as well cannot survive. We should promote afforestation and plant more and more trees to spread greenery. The beauty of each and every trees and plants are unbelievable. The beauty of the flowers which are the beauty of our environment and gift of God should be saved and loved.

    These are the main factors of our nature. Our nature needs to be taken care of and needs to be saved. For the sake of our benefits, we cannot just destroy our nature by cutting down trees and plants.

    Save nature, save environment.

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