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Activity Discussion History Describe non-cooperation movement.

  • Soniya

    May 8, 2021 at 2:15 pm
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    It was launched on 5th September 1920 by the Indian National congress under the guidance and leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. It was a mass mobilization and peaceful protest. Gandhiji travelled across the whole country for about an year to explain his aims and plan to the common people. His main motives where

    1.adopting swadeshi habits live weaving

    2.preaching swadeshi behavior and

    3.Eradication of untouchability and caste differences from the society.

    •Some important features of this movement included:

    1. It was a peaceful and non violent protest against the British government.

    2. People were asked to give up their titles.

    3. They were also asked to resign from government jobs.

    4. People were expected to use more of swadeshi goods and behaviour and boycott foreign items.

    5. People were asked not to serve in the army.

    6. The INC mainly demanded swarajya or self-governance.

    • Why was non co-operation movement called off?

    It was called off by gandhiji in 1922 in the wake of chauri chaura incident in uttar pradesh. In chauri chaura , a mob of villagers had killed 22 policeman in a violent protest. Gandhiji became very sad after this incident.

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