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Activity Discussion Essay Descriptive essay on the day when everything went wrong in school

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  • Descriptive essay on the day when everything went wrong in school

    Posted by Mahima on July 2, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    Descriptive essay on the day when everything went wrong in school

    Shivani replied 2 years, 5 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Shivani

    July 4, 2021 at 8:35 am
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    The day one would like to forget nothing good happened that day.

    I get up very early for exams all year long

    Prepared for the wrong topic

    You are punished for arriving late

    Even now there is a nightmare that day when everything went wrong at school.

    A day at school is usually the same as any other day, but there is a day one would like to forget, because nothing good happens that day. Even now remembering gives me nightmares. Last year during the annual exams, I woke up very early in the morning. My head felt dizzy from sleeping last night, preparing for an English language test.

    Looking at the alarm clock left me pale. I had only ten minutes to board the school bus. I rubbed myself on the bed, completing my daily activities in the jiffy. I had just put on my trousers when the horn of the school bus rang. Picking up my bag, I stepped out onto the sidewalk, but to my great surprise, the bus was gone. I hurried back, begging my father to drop me off at school in his car. He agreed with a sigh, after giving me a wonderful speech with carelessness.

    I arrived at the school twenty minutes later, and I was immediately evacuated by a guard, who asked me to return to school as punishment. Taking this on my journey, I cursed my disgraceful stars with humiliation. When I got to class, I sat down and sat down to be tested. The Question Paper left me shocked.

    I thought things were wrong? I scratched myself to see if I was still in my mind. Yes I was. I took a look at my watch, it was actually September 1st but the test written was not English but Maths. The world seemed to be slipping under my feet as I tried to accept this tragedy. The math itself was my heel of pain, but doing the test without preparation was a really bad dream. However I gathered my intellect and began to try questions with trembling hands.

    Two hours later the grief finally ended. I had an idea for the soundtrack, which saved me. I was kind all the time during the lunch break. My friend Arvind began to laugh at my foolishness, but later he consoled me and calmed my fears. To add salt to my injuries, I was made to stand outside the classroom, not bringing a Science textbook. I gasped as I heard the school bell ring.

    But alas! I had to sit back and be locked up, which meant getting on a public bus to get home. The bus trip was another disturbing issue. It was packed, and I was able to stand on my feet throughout the trip. A year has passed but I still have nightmares of that day, when everything went wrong at school. Remembering it sends shivers down my spine.

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