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Activity Discussion Science & Technology difference between monocotyledon and dicotyledons

  • Aashutosh

    June 5, 2021 at 10:30 pm
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    The difference between monocotyledon and dicotyledon is as follows:

    1. The plants in which the seed has only one cotyledon are known as monocots. Such plants are monocotyledons. Whereas The plants in which the seed has two cotyledons are known as dicots. Such plants are dicotyledons.

    2. The system of the leaf is parallel in monocotyledons. These leaves are isobilateral. Whereas There is a net-like system present in the leaf of dicotyledons. These leaves are dorsiventral.

    3. Vascular bundles in stems are separated throughout in monocotyledon. While Vascular bundles in stems are organized in a ring-like pattern in dicotyledon.

    4. Monocotyledons are consist of fibrous roots with many branches. Whereas Dicotyledons are consist of taproots with long thick roots.

    5. Flower parts are present in multiples of three in monocotyledons. Whereas flower parts are present in multiples of four or five in Dicotyledons.

    6. Embryo Monocotyledon contains one cotyledon. While Dicotyledons contain two cotyledons.

    7. In monocotyledon, the pollen tube contains a single pore. While in Dicotyledon, the pollen tube has three or more pores.

    8. Secondary growth is absent, cambium absent in monocotyledon. Whereas secondary growth is present, cambium present in dicotyledon.

    9. Monocotyledon is herbaceous. While Dicotyledon is both woody as well herbaceous.

    10. Examples of monocotyledon are sugarcane, banana tree, daffodils, palm, ginger, wheat, grass, rice, corn, millets. While Examples of dicotyledon is Mint, tomato, beans, lentils, pea lettuce, pea, and peanuts.

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