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Activity Discussion General Discussion Differentiate between endangered animals and extinct animals

  • Anushree

    July 8, 2021 at 9:50 pm
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    Since the time Earth developed the quality of sustaining life, life has always gone under the process of evolution. Life started from single celled organisms and developed stage by stage. One organism extinct to develop into its better developed species or even at times it happens that some animals get erased from the surface of the earth due to extreme environmental condition.

    EXTINCT ANIMALS: Species of animals which existed in the surface of the earth once upon a time but has no current existence, this may have been a result of extreme environmental condition or some other condition for existence. For example, we have dinosaurs, Dodo.

    ENDANGERED ANIMALS: The species of animals which have only a few animals left on the surface of the earth and are in the mouth of being extinct are known as endangered, currently this is a result of poaching i.e., unethical killing of wild animals with purpose or change in the climate due to pollution and other factors. For example, we have the Royal Bengal Tiger.

    We cannot do anything for the species which are extinct but we can definitely take steps and save our endangered species. Poaching laws should be made stricter and it should be taken care that people follow them.

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