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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discipline

  • Anushree

    May 27, 2021 at 6:05 pm
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    Everything in this universe follows a set of rules and guidelines. It is important to be guided in a particular guideline in order to sustain this life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Discipline is an important factor which should be kept in mind by each and every citizen be it in the infant days or in old age. When a child is born parents take the responsibility of taking proper care of them and they induce the factor of discipline in them. Then after this quality is nurtured and taken care by the primary school. The schooling habit as well as the rules and decorum of the professional world all points towards discipline.

    A person without discipline lacks in values and culture and in the later days of life often becomes reckless. The idea of discipline should be followed in each and every task of life this helps to improve one’s personality and makes appositive approach towards the society. In order to promote discipline in life one can engage in regular meditation and yoga this helps in building concentration and thus trains mind to follow rules and regulations. This value is specially enforced among children and mostly taken care by the schools and institutions.

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