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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discuss about some ancient Indian games that are even played today.

  • Ishita

    September 24, 2021 at 3:44 pm
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    Ancient Indian Games

    Games have become one of the most entertaining things in our daily life. And for India games are also associated with our culture. From ancient times many different types of games have been played in every household. Games sometimes describe the history of that time. So let’s learn about the ancient games of games-


    Most Indian people are familiar with this game because of the Indian epic Mahabharat. In ancient times this game was played at elite households, kings, wealthy businessmen, Zamindars and elite women were actively playing this game. In the time of the British Raj in India British officers also played this game.


    Wrestling is very famous even at this point. In ancient times many people learned this to have a strong and healthy body. Many wrestling matches were also organized at that time. It is very popular among the youths also.


    Archery was famous at that time. Soldiers and kings learned archery for war. But this is also played for entertainment. Many compilations and matches of archery were organized at that time.

    Gilli Danda:-

    Gilli danda was very famous among the children at that time. Gilli means ball and danda means stick. The game was played with a ball and a stick. The concept of this game is very similar to cricket or baseball. The stick was used instead of the bat. Children and youths of every household played this game.


    Pallanguli was a very famous ancient game for the women of South India. This game is very famous among the women of Tamil and Sri Lanka (which was previously added with India). It was a number game. Women of every household had played this game.

    These are few ancient Indian games. There are many more games left, I just named a few.

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