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  • Ishita

    July 30, 2021 at 12:56 pm
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    Ambition is the purpose of living for every individual. We are just machines without ambition.Everyone has a Ambition in life. Ambitions make us keep going in life. It gives us a reason to live so everyone should have a Ambition. Ambitions give our life proper direction and meaning. It shapes your choices and helps to build a bright future. You have a hope in life for an ambition. It is the only thing which can get you through the worst days. It is the reason that despite having any hardship you want to wake up in the morning. It is the secret of living. We are nothing without ambitions. It gives us inspiration to work hard. If anytime we fail in any work ambition motivates us to move forward and work harder. It maintains positivity in life. And positivity is so important for our mental health. Ambitions also improve our ability and talent. You polish our ability just to achieve our ambitions. It gives us courage and creativity. Ambitions are things for which we can go to any level. There should be no point in going to school , having education or doing any job. It just becomes worthless without a Ambition. Ambitions change us by time. We become reckless and pointless without any Ambition. It is the main mantra of success in life. So every small to big person should have an ambition. Ambitions have the power to change our destiny. Like if a boy of labor has an ambition to become an engineer and he tries so hard to achieve his ambition it completely changes his lifestyle. So it is proven that ambitions are so important for our lives. Without ambition we can’t be human we just become a machine. So have an ambition and try hard to achieve it.

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