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Activity Discussion General Discussion Do’s and Don’ts in a Group discussion.

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  • Ishita

    September 16, 2021 at 1:52 pm
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    A group discussion is discussion where a particular group of people discuss a topic. Group discussion can be held formally and informally both. An example of formal group discussion is office meetings and press conferences. There are certain things you should do when you are in a group discussion (formal), and certain things you don’t, let’s categories the does and don’t-


    Dress up formally:- if you are in a group discussion you should need to be dressed up formally. You can’t come to a group discussion on your regular clothes. It will give a wrong impression to other people. They might think you are not serious enough, or consider you to be rude or careless.

    Don’t rush:- You might have heard the phrase that slow and steady wins the race. When you are in a group discussion just explain slowly the topic to others if you’re explaining something, if not just patiently listen to others. Don’t hurry or tell others, it might make you look unprofessional.

    Maintain a positive attitude:- a positive attitude very important for a group discussion. It will help others connect with you. Otherwise a negative attitude just makes others irritated and uninterested.

    Let other people talk:- When you are in a group discussion it is very important to listen to the thoughts of everyone else you can not succeed on your topic.


    1.Do not dress informally.

    2. Do not be aggressive.

    3.Do not be inpatient.

    4.Don not take the lead if you are unfamiliar with the topic.

    5. Don’t interrupt others.

    6.Do not avoid eye contact with others.

    7.Do not copy other, be yourself.

    8. Do not be late.

    9. Do not talk about irrelevant things.

    10.Do not be negative.

    These are some facts which you can do and don’t on a group discussion.

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