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Activity Discussion History East India company


    June 2, 2021 at 10:32 pm
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    The East India Company is also recognized as the English East India Company. Initially, the trading units and governors decide for this body. The trades in South Asia were dominated and exploited hereafter. This was around 1600. Although they were mainly a trading body, they played a vital role in capturing and ruling India through the whole 18th and 19th centuries.

    Their establishment was often met by international threats. There were Dutch and Portuguese that competed with it. Although they paved the way to India through trading and winning their interests.

    The British East India Company marked the British Rule in India for the next 200 years. Yes, they ruled brutally. They let our people suffered and infiltrated all of our treasures. However, there are certain areas where India benefitted from it too. Let us have a look at it.

    1. For the first time the concept of democracy was introduced. This marked the end of monarchial rule in India. All states and their rulers were dragged from their positions and stripped from their power and wealth at that time. Thus, the new India was learning the importance of legislatures, councils, and the idea of a single unified nation under one rule.

    2. British rule and East India company ignited the hidden nationalism in all people across the nation and united them with one single goal: independence of India. There were more logical reforms than ancient social ones. The western influence crushed the ancient meaningless practices: Sati, widow remarriage, child marriage. The upper hand of men and brahmins was criticized and the women got the chance to come out of their house and play an equal hand.

    4. Directly or indirectly the Indian Education system was boosted. There were subjects that were new. Many courses came into action that not only dealt with our country’s history but also deals with what is happening in the west. These gave India a solid idea of how other countries have acted and saved their nations under similar conditions.

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