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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Anagani

    July 5, 2024 at 12:41 pm
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    Oil spills can have devastating impacts on marine life and ecosystems in several ways:

    1. Coating and Suffocation:

      • Oil can coat the feathers of birds and the fur of marine mammals, destroying their insulation and leading to hypothermia, dehydration, and drowning.
      • Oil can also coat the gills of fish and the bodies of other marine organisms, suffocating them.
    2. Ingestion and Absorption:

      • Marine animals may ingest oil while grooming or feeding, leading to internal organ damage, poisoning, and starvation.
      • Oil can also be absorbed through the skin of marine organisms, causing skin irritation, organ failure, and death.
    3. Habitat Destruction:

      • Oil can smother and destroy sensitive coastal habitats like mangroves, salt marshes, and coral reefs, which are crucial nursery grounds for many marine species.
      • The toxic chemicals in oil can persist in the environment for years, disrupting the food chain and damaging entire ecosystems.
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