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Activity Discussion Environment Environment


  • Sakchi

    May 17, 2021 at 2:10 pm
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    Effecting environment with various human activities or sometime in a natural way is known as pollution. The substance cause pollution is called as pollutants. There are several form of pollution :-

    1. Air pollution

    2. Water pollution

    3. Soil pollution

    4. Noise pollution.

    Let us firstly discuss reasons for pollution:-

    One of the main reason of pollution is urbanisation . People are shifting from rural areas to urban areas in search of food , water, occupation, education and hence there is also rise in population also.

    Increase in use of automobile . People are shifting to use their personal transport while travelling instead of using public transport.

    Development of flyovers and buildings these leads to destruction of natural environment.

    So why do we need to stop pollution or control population:-

    We need to protect our environment . We need to aware the people about suitable development. We must save our environment from being degraded.

    As we know there is limited resources available in our environment so we must try to conserve it for future so that our generations will able to use it.

    Ways by which we can control pollution:-

    1. Afforestation :- planting more and more trees will ultimately solve many problems like climatic changes, global warming , extreme weather conditions , soil erosion and many more.

    2. Shifting industry at outskirts these will keep a check on noise pollution and air pollution too.

    3. We should start using public transport instead of private vehicles.

    4. We should also use CNG gases in vehicle that is eco-friendly.

    5. We should also switch over jute bags instead of using plastic bags.

    6. We should try to not use air conditioner in our home this will causes lots of pollution.

    7. Stop burning plastic bags and dumping it .

    8. By keeping your surrounding river clean donot dump garbage into it.

    9. Donot wash your clothes or bath your cow in the river water.

    10. Industrial waste should not mixed up with the rivers.

    11. Strictly bann on making noise at that areas where there is school or hospitals.

    12. Create awareness regarding plants protection , afforestation .

    13. Government should punish those people who cut trees and destroy it.

    14. Bann on shifting agriculture or slash and burn cultivation.

    These are the ways through which you can stop pollution . Hope my answer is satisfactory.

    Thank you!!

  • Ishita

    May 15, 2021 at 8:29 pm
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    Pollution has become a most thing in our lives. We encounter with pollution in various ways and various places.there are many types of pollution like – water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution etc. There are some ways to prevent and control pollution. So there are different steps we can take for this different kinds of pollution. So here I briefly discuss some ways of control three most effective pollution-

    The Control of Water pollution:-

    The rates of water pollution increases day by day. The main cause of this pollution are the waste from household, agriculture land, factories get trough into lakes. So there are some ways to control it ,

    • Reduce using of cemical to wash your stuff.
    • Don’t wash clothes, dishes at nearby water body.
    • Always clean Water bodies.
    • Don’t pee or poop outside toilet.
    • Try to preserve rain water.
    • Reduce use chemical fertilizer on lands.

    Control of air pollution:-

    Air pollution also become a part of daily life. When we go outside we have to save polluted air. The cause of air pollution are rush driving, polluted air out from the factories chimney , deforestation etc. So there are some ways to control it, like

    • Pant trees .
    • Stop rush driving
    • Avoid burning leafs, trash, and chemicals.
    • Reduce the use of wood stove .
    • Recycle and reuse items.
    • Reduce of use air conditioner.

    Control of Soil pollution:-

    Soil pollution rates are increase very much. Soil effect in our lives deeply. As soil is the main thing for making grains. The main cause of soil pollution are using of cemical fertilizer, plastic use, deforestation. So there are some ways to control it, like

    • Avoid deforestation, and increase planting trees
    • Reduce using chemical fertilizers.
    • Stop the usage of plastic.
    • Always trough waste on dustbin.
    • Always use biodegradable meterial.
    • Avoid using Non-biodegradable meterial.
  • Anushree

    May 17, 2021 at 11:45 pm
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    Pollution is the action of contamination of the natural resources basically through things done by human. Standing at this date pollution is a term which we all are well acquainted with. The ever-increasing pollution is degrading the quality of air we breathe, food we eat and the water we drink. The major types of pollution predominant are:

    1. Air Pollution

    2. Water Pollution

    3. Soil Pollution and

    4. Sound pollution

    Its high time for us to stand strong against this and follow measures to control pollution, some of the measures which we all can adopt are:

    1. Reduce the generation of non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic.

    2. Discard bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable wastes in separate bins.

    3. Avoid immersing of wastes into water bodies.

    4. Walk or cycle small distances.

    5. Use public vehicles instead of personal ones this reduces the burning of fossil fuels and thus reduces the emission of toxic gases.

    6. Reduce the use of machineries which emits CFC’s and other harmful gases.

    7. Avoid loud music in parties.

    8. Avoid unnecessary honking.

    9. Avoid dumping non-bio-degradable wastes into bare lands

    If we all take these small steps it will definitely help in reducing the pollution, as a million small steps can really make a difference.

  • Tejasri

    May 18, 2021 at 5:50 pm
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    Pollution has become one of the major problems in India which intern has adverse effects on human life directly or indirectly. There are many types of pollution, depending upon the type in the kind the pollution Sir classified into the following:

    1. Air pollution:-

    Air pollution means the polluting of air. This is done by the releasing of the harmful gases into the air. There are many vehicles used daily which are directly showing the harmful effect on the air and hence the air pollution is caused. Air pollution is a pollution is not only caused by the gases released from the vehicles but also from the guy so silly used in the industry’s etc. Air pollution can be reduced by going to the nearest places on bicycles and by reducing the uses of vehicles were not needed.

    2. Water pollution:-

    Water pollution is caused by throwing the unwanted waste in the rivers etc. this leads to the polluting of the portable water. It is such a bad one that one shouldn’t cultivate. Instead of throwing the unwanted covers, glasses etc., this can be thrown in the dispense and can be dumped in the dump yard. In this way we can reduce the water pollution.

    Many of the pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. can be controlled by using the safety measures and by initiating some campaigns and following some of the techniques to reduce them.

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