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Activity Discussion Environment What is evaporation

  • Aruja

    May 11, 2021 at 12:55 pm
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    Matter exist in three different states solid liquid and gas. In the process of evaporation the matter in liquid form turns into gas form.

    Scientist has proven that water bodies like ocean, sea, lakes, provides up to 90% of the moisture in the atmosphere via the process of evaporation. Evaporation is a very important part of the water cycle. As we know that in a cycle every process is equally important so we cannot compromise in any process. Heat from the Sun, it is possible to perform evaporation without Sun also, but when sun is present evaporation take place more quickly and efficiently. Sun observe moisture that is ‘water’ not only from the water bodies but also from soil. The water level in the water bodies decrease as the sun observed the water from it through the solar energy. Now the water molecules that has been absorbed by the solar energy does not disappear into the atmosphere but it gets collected in the air, means they remains in the atmosphere. This thing effect the moisture present in the atmosphere. Areas with high temperature and large water bodies are most likely to be humid as they have high amount of moisture in their atmosphere. The evaporated water helps in the formation of clouds. Then clouds releases the stored moisture in the form of rain or snow in the different areas as they move with the help of wind energy in the direction in which wind blows. The rain and snow that falls to the ground again gets evaporated as the same cycle starts all over again.

    There are some factors that affect evaporation.

    1) Temperature- Increase in temperature means more evaporation with the decrease in temperature means a little less rate of evaporation.

    2) Wind- With the increase in speed of wind the water particals moves away quickly which decrease the amount of water vapours in the atmosphere in that certain area where more water molecules takes their place. So increase in wind speed is increase in evaporation rate.

    3) Humidity- The air can hold water up to certain amount. Where the amount of water in the atmosphere is high then the the rate of evaporation will automatically decrease therefore decrease in humidity increases the rate of evaporation.

    4) Surface area- Increase in the surface area increases the rate of evaporation also. As the water with large surface area gets more space to get evaporated.

    Example- Drying of clothes, rain, snow fall, etc

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