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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Ishita

    August 9, 2021 at 2:03 pm
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    Environment is that the source of everything we’ve . It provides us with all the resources which we’d like for living. we will not live our lives without these resources. A life can’t survive without air, sunlight, fuel ,vegetation and water. We continuously modify the environment.The resources of earth are limited so sometimes humans become so greedy they forget to calculate it. we’d like to protect these resources to protect our lives. All the activities of human greed cause harm to the environment, like We cut the trees, divert the water and streams and overuse the natural resources to fulfil our needs. most the resources nature provides us become polluted by human activities. Humans are overusing these resources for his or her own use. Industrialization has become the most explanation for overusing these resources. the planet is developing economically and industrialisation is increasing everywhere it. This uplift development is harming the earth’s ecosystem. We build factories by cutting trees, making dams, overusing technology and objects like carcar, air conditioners, refrigerators, and mobile phones. This overuse of resources causes pollution. the world has become an unbearable place to live . This overusing doesn’t make us better, it’ll destroy us. So we should always use it during a sustainable manner. to stop it we should always conserve water, save electricity, recycle our goods. we’d like to scale back waste of those resources to guard humans and therefore the environment of the world . it’ll also secure our future generations. There are various ways of conserving these resources. we’d like modify our surroundings during a better way not during a destructive way like we all do .

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