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  • Aruja

    May 19, 2021 at 4:31 pm
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    Cash crops- Cash crops are sold as raw material for the manufacture of the related product. These crops are used as a raw material for many industries that manufactures different type of goods and sell them to gain profit. Th the final good that are produced by using these raw materials are sold on a very high price nationally and globally as well. So the profit that a company gain by making final product from these types of crops are really high which brings a profit to the company as well as the national income of a country that’s why these crops are known as cash crops.

    Example- Cotton is a major fibre crop. Cotton is the main raw material for the cotton textile industry. It is also the most widely used fibre to make clothes.

    Jute is termed as golden fibre throughout the world. It is considered as a second most important fibre after cotton as the product that are made of jute are really expensive. Etc.

    Food crops- food crops are crops which produced the raw material that is directly supplied to the country for the conception of people. These type of crop are mainly utilised within the country as they are the basic raw material for the daily mail of the people in any country. As they are not exported or important the profit and the market stays within the country ( it happens very rarely when their business is done globally). Most importantly they are edible crops that’s why they are known as food crops.

    Example- rice is one of the major food crops of the world. It is classified as a kharif crop in India. Asia the largest producer of rice in the world with 90% of the world total rice production.

    Wheat it is the most widely cultivated crop in the world. In India wheat is consumed in a high amount. Etc.

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