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  • tanya

    May 27, 2021 at 1:17 am
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    Barks are is the outermost panels of stems and roots of woody plants. Plants with bark include trees, woody vines, and sometimes shrubs. Bark means all the tissues outside the vascular cambium. It contains the inner bark and the outer bark. The inner bark is present in older stems. It is a living tissue that comprises of the innermost fold of the periderm. The outer bark is present in older stems. It includes the dead tissue on the surface of the stems, in addition to the parts of the outermost periderm and all the tissues on the outer side of the periderm. The outer bark on the trees that lies external to the living periderm is also named as the rhytidome.

    There are many commercial benefits of the bark of trees. The dead outer bark can be utilized in making shingles and siding. The outer bark, which is also called cork, is used in making products such as corkboard, cork flooring, and even pursuit items like yoga mats. Even in ancient times, the bark was used to make everything from boats to shingles, as its waterproof nature persists until it deteriorates. Also, the inner bark is used to produce flour and make loaves of bread.

    Products derived from bark include wall coverings, spices, and other flavorings, tanbark used for tannin, resin, latex, medicines, poisons, and different hallucinogenic chemicals. Bark has also been used to make cloth, canoes, and ropes. They are also used as a surface for paintings and map-making. Several plants are grown for their engaging or appealing bark colorations and surface textures. In Agriculture, there is a process in which the bark is stripped below ripening fruit. It allows the sugars to remain concentrated in the fruits and also gives them a better harvest. The process is called Girding.

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