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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Ishita

    June 11, 2021 at 12:43 pm
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    June 5 th is celebrate as world environment day all around the globe. It is the day to spread awareness about the importance of our environment in our lives and how should we protect it. It is also served as “People’s Day” for doing something positive for the environment.June5 th is declared as world environment day by UN General Assembly at the Stockholm conference on Human environment in 1972. The first world environment day is celebrated in1974 in Spokane, United Kingdom. The main agenda of this day is to keep protect the lungs of our planet. One step better environment today is the one step forward a better future. The environment damage leads to other crisis of global warming, floods droughts etc. For million of years nature provide us everything to live a better life and many things like clothes, air,food, light, furniture and many more. If we didn’t take immediate measure to preserve and rescue the environment it will impact on us negatively. There can be many ways to protect our environment, we discuss these matters on this day. Many people are not aware of grave implications of environment degradation , these days is to aware them. The most significant environment issue are global warming, climate change, and the green house effect, we can spread awareness on this topics. As a member of the world society we can appeal to each other of us to work sincerely to bring about a restoration in the world environment. We can organised seminar, Lecture, concert to spread awareness about this matter. Our environment is the most essential part of our lives so the environment day is like to celebrate the environment so it has to be so important so all of as a human being.

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