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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Ishita

    June 11, 2021 at 12:44 pm
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    Plants are the most precious part of our environment. Plants are the main cause of our

    existence. We all know that plants have life and they are not a non living thing. So like all

    living beings they also needed proper food and nutrition. Plants need sunlight, carbon

    dioxide (Co2), and a green pigment in the leaves which are called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll

    basically spreads the food in the plant’s body. If we want to grow our plants faster and

    healthily. Then there’s some method we can use. It’s in our houses which we all use on a

    daily basis. There is also some food which can help your plants to grow faster. Let’s learn

    from them.

    Tea leafs:- Most of us drink tea daily. It refreshes our mind and gives us energy. Can you

    ever think that it is also good for your plants? Yes , tea leaves are a good fertilizer, they

    contain nitrogen, potash, and calcium which can give our tea nourishment. and make it grow


    Coffee Grounds:- A large number of people have the habit of drinking coffee. Coffee grounds

    can also be used as a great fertilizer. It can boost up your plants and make their growth


    Soda:- Soda can give your plants so much nourishment which can help it grow. The main

    reason for its effectiveness is because it contains carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus,

    potassium, sulfur, and sodium,all of these are very profitable to the greenery of plants.

    Egg shells:- Eggs have the biggest rate of calcium in it which can benefit your plant. You

    have to crush it and dig it into your plant’s soil. It will help it’s growth and nourishment.

    Green tea:- Green can often be used as fertilizer. It will help your plants nourishment. It

    contains nitrogen, potassium which nourishes the plants.

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