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Activity Discussion Essay Equity or Equality which is more important? Comment.

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  • Ishita

    September 17, 2021 at 2:54 pm
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    Equity and equality are both equally important to our lives. Equity means giving the fair chance to achieve the things which are wanted, it means giving people what they need to make everything fair for everyone. And equality means getting an equal opportunity in every field by showing your talent and skills. It also means ensuring people that they live the same treatment and opportunity based on their skills. We can see that both equity and equality have the main thing in common which is a fair chance. Although both of these have an emphasis on equal chances. Then the main difference between these two is equality promotes fair chance besides the need, but equity is achieved through equal chances based on the needs of people. We can achieve equity through equality. That means equity is very important to achieve equality. Equity is so important for those who need more support to succeed, it doesn’t mean other people are neglected. In this case, being unequal doesn’t mean that you are less than others, but it means simply providing more to need it. If you don’t have equal support then how could you have the same opportunity as others. Equity plays the key to ensure equality. If your goal is equality then you should have equity to get there. They may be inherently different but connected. To ensure equality it is needed to give people a fair chance. It is great to have equality but it will be much better if we provide little much to those who need it. So it is proven that equity and equality are equally important to have in life.

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