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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 8, 2021 at 9:45 pm
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    For every students they have a special teacher who can be refereed them as their best teacher. It is not an easy way to being a best teacher of students. It takes a lot of time. Otherwise it is based on the approach and mentality of the teachers to face their students. While practicing the teaching course, the education gives some methods to approach the students. But it doesn’t help in all situations. Students are from different parts of the society. They have many problems. But in a class room, they are being a family, the family headed by the teacher.

    My best teacher is my sir who taught me in the degree level. He is the HoD of our department. His name is Prof.Emmanuel. He is a short man. He have a deep knowledge in literature. He likes to talk. Most of his class he spoke about motivation, dedication, general discussion about life and its problems, family etc. He won’t get enough time. We feel him as a grandfather of our family. He is aged one. But he never feel as a aged. His activities and talking are feel us as a youth. While making a conversation with us we felt more comfortable, he is more friendly outside the classroom. In the classroom he is someone else and in the whole department he is a grandfather who gives advice and support to the teachers and students. He is much dedicated to his job.

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