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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

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  • Ishita

    July 16, 2021 at 1:48 pm
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    Pride goes before fall

    Pride is the greatest feeling anyone can ever achieve. But since pride came out of overconfidence which is not a good thing. It often results in weakness. Riches, status, power, ability can create pride. This proverb “pride goes before fall” is proved in many ways. As a example the story of tortoise and rabbit, the rabbit has the pride of being run fast which created overconfidence in him, so he thought he could never loses to a slow tortoises and as we see in the end of the story the rabbit fall asleep out of the overconfidence of unbeatable and hence the tortoises win the race. The feeling of pride is good for a small period of time but if you feel it all the time it makes you lazy. It can make you grant everything and everyone we have. It makes us self centered, so people can start to hate us. It makes you feel like you are the best you know everything. So your attitude can make others lose respect for you. When you become proud, your mind absentmindedly shuts the door of respect to others. At the same time, some people are differently proud. They appear to be too humble. It is okay to be confident and believe in yourself. But sometimes the actions done out of overconfidence can cause regret. Pride can make us lose all our achievement.If you shouldn’t value others and respect others, no one could ever respect or value you either. So we should never take others granted and always being humble to others. I will make your life easier and beautiful.

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