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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

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  • Ishita

    June 13, 2021 at 1:09 pm
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    Beggar can’t be chooser

    ” Begger can’t be chooser ” this is a very common phrase we listen these days. It means if you are needy don’t be picky even if it’s not the exact thing you want.Begger earn their resources by begging. Begging means they must accept whatever is given to them. They can not decid or choose what they gonna get. They live their lives in charity. They have no right to pick or choose. They can not choose their givers. They helpless and helpless person can not decid. They have to accept whatever they get uncomplaningly . When in need , takes what offers . If someone gives something you asked for , you should not be questioning about what you get. The person many be pressing the things you want but it’s up to him wether give it to you or not. If he can’t give you the thing you can not complain. Because you have no right to ask for it or protest for it. Otherwise we have to lose the things we get.The world is always belongs to the rich and poor people always have nothing to say. The can only be slave or begger. Their only duty is to accept the thing which are given to them. To be a chooser you have to be powerful, influencer and rich. The morel of the phrase is we should understand our own position before taking daring or risky steps. Careless and haughty action will bring calamities and sorrows. Even if we are not in a helpless position in life , it is always good to think twice before we act.

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