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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Soniya

    May 16, 2021 at 1:37 am
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    Some people some people think that saying yes is hard but the most most effective thing in the world The True Is to say no to people. Say no to paper can be a very tough task as you may be considered rude person or wrong person to deal with. You may have noticed whenever you say yes to person or to his wishes you always get positive responses, but when you reject his or her proposal or say no to their Idea or wishes you become a bad person for them.

    This habit of always saying yes causes us to walk extra miles to please anyone by saying ‘Yes’ to everything. This is a very wrong habit and we should always avoid this. We should not always give in to a person’s wishes just because we think that they may feel bad. Standing up for the right thing and rejecting a wrong proposal should always be our motto.

    The act of saying ‘No’ is not always that easy, even though when you are dominated by the person asking to do so. You may face serious consequences. May be that’s why we usually say, how can we say no to him/her but ultimately for whatever reasons we end up saying ‘Yes’. All these small ‘Yes’ lead us many times to grave problems and then we hear ‘You should have declined the idea at first hand.’ Therefore, learn to say ‘No’ when there is time. It is of no use to cry over spilled milk later. You must not say at the time when you already have fallen into serious consequences.

    Ways of saying know some people say it politely others say that harshly and some people are just dumb. A proposal rejected politely is always taken in a positive attitude by all and if your life is filled with others request and you don’t care about your own name then your life will be a mess therefore saying no to think that you don’t like all you don’t want to do is always a great choice in this way you won’t hurt other people as well as also wont to raise their expectations. So if you want to change your life in a positive way you should always say no to things that you won’t be able to do or you don’t want to do. This will lead you to live a happy life and also people will admire you for your straightforwardness and you would not hurt others.

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