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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Ishita

    July 24, 2021 at 5:24 pm
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    Feminism has become a very key topic of today’s generations. Today’s women don’t like to be suppressed or underestimated. So the situation is quite different for women than earlier. Though there are lots of difficulties a woman has to face in society and the workplace. Our society has a tendency of judging a woman on every step. Our country India is very proudly acclaimed for living in the motherland and worshiping various women deities but the dire concern of this is women sadly do not get the same respect and equal status. Women have to struggle more than a man to get proper value for identity. In this country women are much preferable in household work. Many women, despite having proper education, are not allowed to work. In some rural areas the girls are not even allow to have education.Thet see a burden in family.Many crimes against women is increasing day by day like rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence and many more. A large number of people in this world think that men are more capable than women. But the fact is it is scientifically proven that in spite of having some physical differences women and men are equally strong and capable. In society, women who work late at night or come home late at night are not good women. In this society work is just a part time job for women they don’t even value to build a proper career, after childbirth society expects women to quit their job and take care of the household and children. Many women quit their jobs after childbirth due to family pressure. Women empowerment just becomes a myth if we don’t stop this pathetic behavior towards women. So to stop these sexist behaviors we should empower women. There are several ways to empower women. The individual and government should take action to empower women. All girl children must be educated compulsory. They must give equal opportunity in every field. They must be given equal pay. After childbirth they should be forced to quit their job. We can also empower women by preventing child marriage. They shouldn’t feel less than men. Moreover, the shame and abuse of divorce must be stopped. As many women stayed in abusive relationships for fear of society. And it all started from home. If we can improve our mentality it can influence others to be like us. <div>

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