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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Ishita

    July 24, 2021 at 6:19 pm
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    Early Bird Catches Warm

    Early bird catches the worm’is a proverb which signifies the importance of being punctual and disciplined to be successful in life. It is also a sign of warning and caution against procrastination and laziness. If you want to have prosperity you must take action now. Worm usually comes out of the ground early in the morning and a bird that begins search early gets the worm. Bird here refers to the individual and worm refers to the opportunity in life. To grab the opportunity a person must start as early as possible.It is the habit of people to delay their work and leave it for the last moment. The atmosphere is most common in the lives of students and office workers, where they leave the work to be done for the last few minutes unaware of the risk. We have to put energy and effort to figure out the solution to do the same work at the last possible moment and that too in haste, many times ruining the effort. The quality of work also fall if the work is done in a hurry. It means to start the work as early as, possible. There are numerous benefits of taking a head start. One doesn’t have to worry about the deadline of the and you can explore the task at hand better.This proverb also means to respect the time. We should also be punctual in work. If we don’t respect time, time doesn’t respect you. So this proverb “Early bird catches warm ” have a very significance in our life.

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