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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

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  • Ishita

    August 10, 2021 at 2:29 pm
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    Segregation of waste is very important for our environment. Waste is the useless product which is provided by our daily goods.The population of the world is increasing day by day which also increases the level of waste of the environment. The situation is soon gonna be out of our hands. Waste segregation has various techniques in various environmental situations. There are various methods and techniques of how the waste is disposed of. The methods include Landfills, Recycling, Composting, etc. These methods are very useful in disposing waste without causing any harmful effect towards the environment. Recycling is the most important method among these all. It doesn’t need any resources for recycling. Recycling can turn waste into useful resources. Landfill is also an important method for waste management. In this process the waste is buried in the large pits in the ground and then covered with a layer of soil. Composting is a very important method used in agriculture. Composting method is when the organic waste turned into fertilizer. It helps the plants grow well. We should eliminate the bad odor from the waste, bad odor is harmful in many ways. So we should take care of it. Most importantly waste reduce the pollution from the environment. Sometimes many non biodegradable waste can create a huge level of pollution in the environment. It makes our place hygienic and clean and also better place to live. We can also create energy by waste. Some waste also increase the fertility of soil. So we should always be aware of how we manage the waste.

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