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Activity Discussion Essay Essay


  • Ishita

    June 5, 2021 at 11:04 am
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    Knowledge is power

    Knowledge is the most important thing in our lives. We can’t achieve anything without knowledge. If you gain the knowledge, then you become powerful of knowledge through out your life. This statement “knowledge is power” given by Sir Francis Bacon. If you want to be a winner in life knowledge is the only way to achieve it. In all our good and bad times knowledge is the only thing to understand the difference between them. In any stressful situations people with knowledge always have the power to deal with it. Knowledge is the light over the darkness of Illiteracy and superstition. Knowledge always guide us to the right path in life. Knowledge is a undefeated power which always defeat other powers of human hand. Human can became independent with the help of knowledge. Physical strength or money is nothing in front of the power of knowledge. Knowledge help you to gain respect in everyone eyes. You can achieve fame, success, power everything only by your knowledge. The first towards knowledge is education. Education can increase your power of knowledge. The more you become educate the more you gain your knowledge. can make us a better thinker, education can make our development and made us a better person. It can also improve our personality and attitude. Education gives us the ability to write and read. We learn alphabet, sentence , numbers every thing to make us able to read and write.Free education can increase the rate of literacy in our country so our country can be get more develop and modern. We can be the best country in whole world and education in the main thing to do that. So it is proved that “knowledge is power”is the most accurate and valuable statement which apply in everyone’s life.

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