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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Edutuber

    June 7, 2021 at 12:59 am
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    Like every societal decision this too has multiple viewpoints. The primary type of viewpoint produced by a specific group of people should be of positive aspect. They would stand against the tobacco at every moment. But the latter fraction of people include the ones who are daily smokers or those who use tobacco daily, those who are engaged in manufacturing tobacco, those who cultivate tobacco and those who makes tobacco products like cigarrette etc. Let’s consider the primary group.

    This group will be the largest group as it contains more number of members, mostly females. Tobacco needs to be banned. Only a country can thrive if it has a well healthy working youth, the use of tobacco products does cause severe diseases. The diseases may range from asthma to cancers

    Tobacco reduces the capacityof a normal human being to have ability of a human being to take part in various activicties which include physical strength like running , swimming etc. An athlete who smokes daily has a lung capacity much lower than a common person who just cycle 3 km per day. Athletes and sports personals need to keep their body at optimum level. The lungs which breathe fresh air daily and one never smokes would have a lung capacity much more than the lungs which are utilized for gaining some comfort from smoking tobacco. Tobacco causes pungent smell for many people, tobacco causes the devolepment of less immune response in our body. This might cause a weak immunity in people. It may cause a loss for the government if they ban tobacco on a morning, but banning tobacco would increase the working capacity of the youth and the youth will be able to donate more to the society, this income would be able to overcome the loss incurred due to banning tobacco at nationwide

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