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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on a visit to a remote village


  • Shivani

    June 24, 2021 at 8:18 am
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    When someone is out of the city with a visit to the town, they are changing the way they think. Indeed, some of the differences surprising. During my trip, I visited my hometown of Besra, in Orissa.

    My father was born here and raised here. When he joined the army at the age of 19, he left for his house. Since then, I’ve only visited the village. This time we went after five long years. But, surprisingly, there’s not a lot has changed in my town during this five-year period.

    My village is in reverse. In spite of the great progress in other parts of the country, the pace of the development in my village it is very, very slow. My town is connected to the main road, due to a non-metal the way. When I got to the village, they came to see me in the green fields. There were hills, and the hills are dotted around the town. Farmers ‘ seeds are sown in their area of expertise. Their wives and children and has helped them. A little further on, was a large field. A flock of children, were grazing there. A stream ran nearby. The cows were drinking water from the river. It’s the green that I have seen in the landscape are rare in the city centre. Life is calm, and balanced. There is no hassle and no commuting to and from work. So, I went on a foul-smelling aroma suddenly filled my nostrils. I covered my nose with a handkerchief. The smell was that of a large slope, which was floating in the area. The muddy course was littered with instagram seem to be.

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