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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on balanced diet

  • Essay on balanced diet

    Posted by Soniya on May 22, 2021 at 1:17 am

    What are the components of a balanced diet? Why is it important?

    Sakchi replied 3 years ago 4 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Kumari

    May 23, 2021 at 12:41 am
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    Food and water are the components on which our body stands. For a living body to perform action certain vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, carbohydrates and that can only be consumed through the intake of food. There are a lot of advantages of taking health diet. They are:- helps to reduce stress, helps to perform action, makes body strong to fight infections,boost mood, making bones strong. Our body needs food and energy even for actions like sleeping and dreaming. Eating healthy means replacing salt and sugar with more nutritious options such as jaggery, natural sugar like sugarcane and taking very little amount of salt. Adding roughage and fibrous food to the food helps to maintain healthy gut health. Fibrous foods includes legumes,salads, leafy vegetables fruits and they also help in bowel movements. Foods like almonds help in improving memory power of an individual. Foods like dairy products, brocolli, eggs, fishes etc helps in making bones and teeth strong.
    Water intake also has numerous benefits such as-
    It helps to create saliva that helps in to smoothley initiate the process of digestion.
    Staying hydrated help in regulating body temperature. While doing physical activities sweat is secreted that helps to keep the body cool. At that time body looses electrolystes and vitamin and at that time water intake helps in the balanceing of those electrolytes and vitamins.
    It also helps to lubricate the joints spinal cords and joints for easy movement.
    It helps to remove excess water through urination, precipitation etc in order to regulate body’s temperature.
    Taking adequate amount of water helps in maximising the physical activity.
    It helps in smooth bowel movement and helps prevent constipation.
    It improves the oxygen leve in the blood and carries essential vitamin and minerals in the entire body.
    Helps in the treatment of diseases like:-
    Kidney stones
    Urinary tract infection

    • Sakchi

      May 26, 2021 at 11:28 am
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      For being alive we need food , water and oxygen . These are the primary requirements of our body. Other secondary items are necessary but these are the elements that makes us healthy . So a balance diet contains a proper amount of carbohydrates , proteins , fats , vitamins and minerals . All these elements can be obtained from a proper meal only. It is in our mind what is the importance of this balanced diet:-

      Balanced diet maintain our body . Through balance diet we eat a proper required meal for our body . Eating more and eating less both are wrong. So if we are taking proper balanced diet we are getting everything in equal amount.

      Balance diet also modifies our antibodies and thus increase our capacity to fight from infection or diseases.

      Now let’s we talk about each of them:-


      Carbohydrates is an essential nutritive components of food. Carbohydrates acts like a fuel in our body. Carbohydrates proves us energy and it is also required for the formation of fats . People who indulge in hard works , need maximum amount of carbohydrates. Lack of carbohydrates in the body reduces weight and skin become lean and thin.

      Sources:- generally, carbohydrates is found in rice ,, maize ,jowar , bajra, pulses , potatoes , banana , Gur , sugar etc.


      Proteins are also called nitrogenous food . Proteins are responsible for growth and development of the body. Proteins promotes cell growth and repair the worn out tissue . Apart from this proteins also plays a important role in mental development as it is known as building blocks of life.

      Lack of protein causes retardation in growth and development of the body.

      Sources:- eggs , milk , milk products , meat ,fish , soyabean , mustard green peas , nuts , dry fruits and food grains.


      Fat is also a essential nutrients. It provides us heat and energy . It also helps in regulation of body temperature. It is helpful in making the body soft and smooth and protect our body from extreme climatic conditions.

      Sources:- ghee, butter, curd , fish oil , meat , eggs , sweet potatoes , coconut , mustard oil , cotton seeds etc.


      Vitamins play a vital role for a healthy life. Vitamins protect us from various types of disease and also increases our immunity . It also contribute in the general development of body .

      If we lacks vitamins in our body , we may suffer from different deficiency diseases .


      They are helpful for general development of body , proper functioning of muscles , formation of teeth , clotting of blood and in maintaining the balance of acid and bases in our body.

      Balance diet means eating a right amount of foods from all groups .

      Hope you will be satisfied with my answer.

      Thank you!!

  • tanya

    May 26, 2021 at 4:14 am
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    A balanced diet is a diet that contains various sorts of food in some specific quantities and proportions so that the necessity for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and any alternative nutrient is sufficient and a small provision is maintained for additional nutrients to sustain the short period of leanness.

    For our body to remain healthy, we need to consume a certain amount of nutrients which should contain the required amount of Carbohydrates, Fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and also roughage. Intake of all of these nutrients regularly executes a balanced diet. When we consume all these nutrients in the required amount, we remain healthy and energetic. A balanced diet also strengthens our immune system.

    Eating a healthy diet increases energy in our body and also improves the way our body functions. Intake of a proper diet helps in weight loss as well. Since a balanced diet provides us with all the nutrients, there is no scope for deficiency of any nutrient in our body. Following a balanced diet can also prevent a person from getting any sort of illness. It helps overcome any illness and make a person fit. A healthy diet also helps you in giving more energy and helps in fighting stress. It also helps in treating certain diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart diseases. Consuming a balanced diet also prevents the risk of attaining high blood pressure.

    The most important rule of having a healthy balanced diet is not to skip any meal. Skipping meals lessens the metabolic rate. Normal eating includes 3 major meals, named Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. In addition to this, 2 snacks in between these meals are also necessary. One should drink a lot of water. A variety of food should be included in the menu so that intake of all the nutrients is there. One should also limit the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar.

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