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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on city life

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 1, 2021 at 7:20 pm
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    City is a place with all time hurry burry activities. The people are in hurry. We can see that city life is just a kind of independent life. There is no joint families in the cities. There are only nuclear families. Within a country, both village and cities are differ by their way of living. In a city there are many multi national companies, offices, shopping malls, large public transports etc. The population in the city is larger than the villages. Migrants from the villages are interested to live in the apartments and flats. It is difficult to get a house in the big cities. In a city life the expense may great. They need to pay taxes, water bills. In village we get water without payment. But the increase of population, wasting of water sources leads to buy water. It is difficult to clear the house wastes in the town. Municipalities collect the waste and dump it to any other places.

    City life is more colourful. No one bother us what do,eat or wear. If we have a control and confidence in ourselves that life always peaceful and bright. In the cities there are many traps. There are many educational institutions to get good education from reputed institutions. So that many parents tries to stay in the cities. But pollution is a main problem in cities. Whole types of pollution can be seen there.

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