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Activity Discussion Essay essay on journey by train

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 10, 2021 at 9:58 pm
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    Confucius quoted that “where ever you go, go with all your hearts”. From the heart everyone wishes to be a wanderlust. Explore our world. But we may not get enough time. We are tries to make time for a long journey. Traveling to a new destination helps us to have some relaxation.

    I love traveling. My trip may not be to famous destinations. I tries to explore new places where have a ambiance of peace and calm. Those places may not be occupied by the travelers only the natives knows it. I used road, rail and water transportation for traveling. Mostly by road.

    For a long and solo travel i prefer rail than the road. While traveling the train lonely my soul talks to my heart. I spent that time for rechecking my life events and tries to verify the problems that i have. I like to read books and listen music during the travel. Sometimes those travel make to recall the memories and my tears broke out. That is very funny action for me. Because at that time i have tears and also a smile on my face. A mild wind comes and touches my face like a friend who console me.

    My favourite railway track is from Shornur to Nilambur stations in Kerala. That route is very famous in the travelers because of its beauty. Two sides of railway track was filled with greenary and big trees like banyan tree and teak wood. We can’t see anything unless the greenish of nature. In the rainy season we can hear the beautiful music of rain and trees. In the Nilambur station there are many Banyan tree like a roofing. While in the flowering time the station is filled with pink flowers in the floor like a carpet. It is a mind blowing seen to the passengers.

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