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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on Merger of Banks in India – What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • Essay on Merger of Banks in India – What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Posted by Mahima on June 18, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    Essay on Merger of Banks in India – What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Shivani replied 2 years, 3 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Shivani

    June 19, 2021 at 9:07 am
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    It will make it easier for the government to take control of all of the detailed budget.

    The financial system in a larger setting, it will be more cost-effective and safe to use.

    Ability to develop in order to meet the growing demand for credit, and to support the economic growth.

    The benefits of m & a bank

    This helps to reduce the operating costs.

    This will help you to improve your professional level.

    It gives a better efficiency of its operations, as well as the bank’s activities, which is beneficial to the economy

    Several of the messages disappear, which in turn leads to significant cost savings in the financial, banking, mergers, risk management, and to improve it.

    With the merger, it helps to be geographically focused on regional banks to expand their reach.

    HAD advantages.

    The reduction of the financial risks.

    The additional features.

    For a small fee.


    The availability of low-cost loans.

    Economies of scale.

    The development of the country.

    With the introduction of the global market.

    For growth and expansion.

    The use of surplus funds.

    It improves the customer data to

    It helps you to resist against the competition.

    The increase of the share of the market.

    Increase the friendliness of the service.

    Research and development

    Reduce the number of documents.

    The tax breaks.

    After the merger, the credit potential of the public sector banks will have to increase their balance sheet is strong.

    This is the big banks will also have to be able to compete in the global market, and the improvement of operational efficiency due to the reduction of the cost of the loan.

    India has a huge amount of investment to transform India into a $ 5 trillion economy. If the banks did not have enough money to fund large-scale projects, this is the country’s economic development process.

    A merger could help you to get a better control of the share capital of the bank.

    Therefore, after the merger of 10 promsvyazbanks in the big four banks, it would seem that this is a good step to making money is available for investment purposes in the country.

    Not a single bank mergers

    Banks will have to bear the burden of the weak banks.

    It is very difficult for the people and the culture of the banks.

    The destruction of the very idea of decentralization, as a lot of banks are in a public-to-operate

    The big banks are more vulnerable to the global financial and economic crisis.

    Mergers can be discouraging banks from the market soon, as the majority of the anchor banks are large in size.

    The probability of a bank failure.

    No previous experience

    Reduce the risk of fraud and theft.

    The public debt is risk.

    Rigorous evaluation process.

    Complications may arise.

    Management-related issues.

    The financial aspects of the company.

    The question to wait for it.

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