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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on My favorite season

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  • tanya

    May 31, 2021 at 6:32 pm
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    Seasons are the times of the year that are differentiated by various climatic changes. There are basically four seasons which are Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, all following one another on a regular basis. Each of the seasons is wonderful in its own way.

    The season that I like the most is Winter. It is the coolest season that starts in December and lasts till March. It is also admired by many people. This season gives you the time to enjoy ice hockey, snowball fighting, and many more activities. In this season, days are shorter and nights get longer. The chilly mornings give a different essence altogether. Generally, most schools give a break to their students. Hot drinks like hot coffee, hot chocolate are enjoyed in this season. The sun also enjoys this season and rises late in the morning. Even when it does, it doesn’t quite make the weather hot. People in this season prefer to sit on their terrace in the afternoon time to enjoy the daylight. In the evening time, generally, people burn woods outside their homes to get some warmth. Not many people prefer going out in this season, they rather prefer to sit in front of their heater at their home. In the hilly regions, mostly snowfall gets at its peak and people have to use a shovel to remove snow from the roads as it gets difficult to move as well as difficult to drive since it gets risky to drive on a road like that. The essence of this season is also enhanced by the festivals that come across. Christmas falls in the month of December and it sets the holiday mood of people. Personally, I love this season as it sets the garden to bloom because the most wonderful flowers are found in this season like rose, dahlia, etc. Also, we get to enjoy the bonfire in this season. If you are out on any trip with friends or family, bonfire is the most interesting night of the trip. Dancing around the fire, playing games at that time is the fun part.

    In short, winter is an important season. It may have its pros and cons but still, people enjoy having fun eating icecreams in the cold weather.

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