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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on network security .

  • Ishita

    September 15, 2021 at 3:24 pm
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    Network security means protecting the network of a device from unauthorized or unattended access. Network security is very much important in this modern era. At this point of time, we kept many important data, documents, and finances on our desktop, laptop or mobile phone. So network security is very important to protect this all. We need firewall, antivirus, anti malware software and routers to protect our network. We should protect the network connection from exploitation. At our house and office we have one or many routers with internet access. If we don’t secure them properly it will be exploited. If you have solid security on your network then your important data and documents will be secured. Protecting our network from hackers, unauthorized sources and viruses are very important. There are few steps we should take to protect our network, if you have a router then change the name of password and admin. The password must be within ten characters, if you have a strong password then your network can be more secure. You should change the network name to be extra secure. If you change your network name then people can’t easily find it, so it will protect your data and information from unnecessary sources. You should definitely need a firewall or an antivirus at your device to protect your network. It will protect your network and your valuable data. Sometimes many unnecessary sources come from the guest network. So it will be great for your network if you turn off the guest networks. Updating your router is very much important to have a secure network. You can update your router from the firmware app. You should definitely be more careful while using a network. Don’t take network security for granted. Take extra care of the network you are using. Unless it will cost you a lot more.

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