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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on online scams. .

  • Sakchi

    May 31, 2021 at 10:06 am
    Not Helpful

    Digital technology is obviously a boon for India . With the development of digital technology we has developed our several fields. Digital technology has made our life easier day by day. We can chat , call , communicate with anyone we wants. Yes our life has totally changed . But many time digital media become dangerous too.

    Scam are the kind of fraud done via online mode mostly . It is generally done by hacker to get money from you. Recently a news was trending of Whatsapp video call scam . In this, video call from unknown number came and if you pick up the video call you will see a kind of inappropriate pictures for few seconds after that the call get disconnected . After few minutes some pictures are sent to your mobile . It is totally inappropriate pictures with your own face and hence you will get blackmail .

    Sometimes the hackers hack your profile , message someone or did some inappropriate works as still you are unknown of it.

    Also they use your pictures in some dirty works too.

    Scams are generally done to get money , sometime purposely . But you need to protect yourselves . Yes social media , digital marketing is good but you need to be careful all the time..

    Donot add anyone your friend. Donot pick up any spam call or reply any message.

    Visit to the authentic site only for purchasing any stuffs .

    Try to restrict your friendship specially online . Hope you will be satisfied with my answer .

    Thank you!!

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