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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on role of media


  • Shivani

    June 18, 2021 at 8:16 am
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    The media plays an important role in shaping a healthy democracy. This is the very foundation of our democracy. The mass media is to inform us about the social, political, and economic events that are taking place all over the world. It’s like a mirror which, when it tries to show us the bare truth, and the complex realities of life.

    The media has undoubtedly evolved and become more active in the past few years. Just as the media to remind politicians of their unfulfilled promises at the time of the elections. The excessive coverage of the tv, on the news during elections helps people, especially to the choice of the right person to the power. This reminder compels politicians to make good on their promise to hold to stay in power.

    Television and radio have been important progress has been made in educating rural illiterate masses and inform them of all developments in the language of your choice. The cover of the operation of a lift for the older people of the village, and the loan sharks and helping to take drastic action against them in the second part of the government.

    The media, too, have discovered vulnerabilities in the democratic system, which ultimately will help the government to fill the gap, gaps, and to make the system more reliable, flexible, and convenient for the general public. A democracy without the mass media is like a car without wheels.

    In the age of information and technology, we are bombarded with information. We have to get ahead of the events of the world are just a click away. The flow of information has improved in more ways than one. The perfect combination of technology and human resources (the journalist), there is no stone unturned in exposing of your passion and the corruption in politics and society. We are all aware of what they have done for tehelka. Thanks to the technology that has brought a sort of revolution in the world of journalism.

    The influence of mass media

    The influence of the media, is truly remarkable. The excessive coverage or a misrepresentation of vulnerable groups and sometimes causes a public disturbance. Illiterate people are more likely to be a provocation, then it will be useful. The constant repetition of messages, mainly for the thrill of those, it creates apathy and indifference. For example, in the case of Dhananjoy Chatterjee, the over-hype that led up to the deaths of so many children who emulate the suspension is a procedure that has repeatedly occurred in the majority of radio and television stations. There are a lot of these negative effects. The media need to be careful when sending or posting of such sensational aspects of the reports.

    Marketing has been made to the fierce competition in the mass media. In order to outdo each other, the print media is often a step forward in the publication of articles, towels, etc.

    . Media experts said it is a way to attract readers, which is trapped in the TV to the news channel, which soon appeared in the recent past, and they believe that it is a cheap form of journalism.

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