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Activity Discussion Essay Essay writing


  • Ishita

    May 15, 2021 at 7:45 pm
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    Essay writing helps an as a individual development

    Essay writing has involved in our lives since our childhood. It has been included to syllabus from junior to senior age. We all have been written various types essay on our lives but can you ever think how it can develop you as a individual, No right. But there are several times it can change mind. No one ever think that way, we always write essay as a part of our studies.There are always a time when writing an essay can develop our minds. When you write an essay it always develop our knowledge. It always enlightened us in many different ways like when we write about a noble personality it always encourage us to do good about people. Essay writing can aware us in various social issues like- pollution, social crime, global crisis etc. In various ways it can provide with the information of the current events. We can lean about the legendary icons of the global which make an impact on our minds. It can inspire us to be a better person and learn compassion, kindness courage and generosity. We can be a better human being. So essay writing not only educate us but also cherish our mind. If we write at least one essay regularly it can also improve our grammar and vocabulary skills. It makes a good impact on our writing and make it more better and accurate. So we can improve our writing and mind by writing an essay. So that’s how we can individually develop by an essay writing.

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