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Activity Discussion General Discussion Explain righthand thumb rule

  • Shivani

    May 27, 2021 at 8:25 am
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    When a current-carrying conductor is exposed to a force field, it experiences a force. current are often elicited in a very moving conductor once it’s set in a very force field. Fleming’s Right-hand rule are often wont to confirm the direction of the elicited current.

    It’s vital to recollect that these rules don’t specify magnitude; rather, they indicate the direction of the 3 parameters that square measure force field, current, and force once the opposite 2 parameter’s directions square measure illustrious. Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule is principally applicable to electrical generators.

    Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule

    Take a wire that is carrying current within the paw, then the thumb points the present direction and every one different fingers close the wire offer the force field direction thanks to the present.


    Assume that you simply square measure holding a straight current-carrying conductor in your paw specified the thumb points towards the direction of the present. Then your fingers can wrap round the conductor within the direction of field lines of the force field. within the below figure the thumb indicates the direction of the motion; the index finger indicates the direction of the force field and also the finger represents the direction of the elicited current.

    The Right-Hand Thumb rule is additionally referred to as Maxwell’s corkscrew rule. If we have a tendency to contemplate ourselves driving a corkscrew within the direction of the present, then the direction of the corkscrew is within the direction of the force field.

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