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Activity Discussion History famous leaders

  • Anagani

    July 6, 2024 at 1:57 pm
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    Here are some of the most famous leaders during World War I:

    • President Woodrow Wilson of the United States – Led the U.S. entry into WWI in 1917 and helped shape the post-war peace settlement.

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany – The German emperor whose aggressive foreign policy is considered a contributing factor to the outbreak of the war.

    • King George V of the United Kingdom – The British monarch who led his country through much of the war.

    • Prime Minister David Lloyd George of the United Kingdom – Took over as Prime Minister in 1916 and helped lead the British war effort.

    • Tsar Nicholas II of Russia – The Russian emperor who abdicated in 1917 as the Bolshevik Revolution unfolded in his country.

    • Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France – The supreme commander of the Allied forces, who directed the final offensives that defeated Germany.

    • General John “Black Jack” Pershing – The American Expeditionary Force commander who led U.S. troops in Europe.

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