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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Farmers spread different types of fertilisers on field. Why are these added?

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  • Edutuber

    June 5, 2021 at 8:40 pm
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    Fertilizers are added to the soil for getting better yield. But how do these fertilizers work?

    Fertlilizers may be chemical or biological. We can discuss about both topics later. Plants too are living

    organisms, they need water and nutrents to surVive, these nutrients are absorbed by the root hairo

    the plants and transferred to different parts of the plant by xylems and phloems through the circulatory

    system of the plant. These nutrients help the plants to accelarate growth, flowering and giving more

    yield. Fertilizers also help plants to fight against diseases to some extend. The proper application of

    fertilizers along with pesticides would help the plant to produce more yields. Some of the most common

    used fertilizers include NPK 18:18:18 this fertilizer contain elements like Nitrogen, phosphorous

    pottassium and many other elements which are necessary for the proper growth ot the plan

    We have already told about different types of fertilizers

    1.Biological fertilizers.

    These fertilizers are otherwise known as these fertilizers can be found naturally.

    Some example of these fertlizers includes manure from different biological wastes, dung of various

    animals etc These fertilizers help improve the quality of the soil naturally as it would promote the

    growth of aerobic bacteria and earthworms thereby improving the ventilation of the soil

    2.Chemical fertilizers

    Chemical fertilizers are those fertilizers which are made by man for the purpose of providing good

    sudden nutrition to the plants. These are made industrially and the uncontrolled regular application of

    these fertlizers would result in the loss of fertility of the soil The use of chemical fertilizers needs to be

    Controlled as it contains different substances that would kill the helptul earthworms and aerobic

    bacterias in the soil. Although biological fertilizer are rich with

    nutrients it cannot be used for human as

    well as animal consumption.

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