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  • Caron

    June 6, 2023 at 4:35 pm
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    The simple reason would be the acquisition of a skill. Skills are very much important to a person as much as their education. It can be either an fun hobby or a life saving skill. It is always useful to a person.

    There is also a gentle line between hobby and passion. Hobby might be something we do to relax ourselves or kill time. AR the same time passion is something thing which we are dedicated about. For e.g. I might learn to dance cause i think it’s fun, at the same time my friend might learn dance cause she wants to be a dancer. To my friend the co curricular activity would be the main focus of point. Therefore the importance of a co curricular activity differs from each person.

    One more reason would be that effect we are too focused in our studies or work out tends to take a toll on us and all of us are occasionally searching for a break. And if we learn a co curricular activity which triggers our interests and we make a mixture of our studies and the extra activity, we will seem to be less tiring and more intrested in our work. And again if we do the same activity over and over, it will again feel monotonous to us. So to keep our mind fresh it is important that we pursue different activities and explore our creativity.

    This is my take on your question. Hope this helped you. Have a great day

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