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Activity Discussion General Discussion Define group discussion. Explain its importance.

  • Define group discussion. Explain its importance.

    Posted by Sakchi on May 12, 2021 at 11:01 am

    Define group discussion. Explain its importance.

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  • tanya

    May 13, 2021 at 6:46 pm
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    Group Discussion these days is an important activity for the selection process in academic, business, and administrative spheres. It is a process that masters the art of exchange of ideas, thoughts, and feelings through communicating with a bunch of people. The members participating in a group discussion generally sit in a semi-circle facing each other. A group discussion is monitored by a moderator. He observes the behavior of participants towards each other. The group discussion generally extends for around 15 minutes. Once the participants are seated comfortably, the moderator gives them the topic for their discussion. Usually, they are given 1-2 minutes to ponder upon that respective topic, and thereafter the discussion is started. A group discussion is different from a debate in many ways. A debate is competitive whereas group discussion is a cooperative group process. In a debate, the speaker has to express either for the topic or against it whereas, in a group discussion, the speaker can express both. For a debate, one team has to win whereas, in a group discussion, there is no competition like that. A group discussion is different at all levels- school level, college level, and office level. The moderator assesses the candidates according to their body language, their knowledge of the subject, communication skills, and listening skills. Most of the time, the moderator jots down the positive and negative points of each of the participants, gives them marks according to their skills, and thereafter they are moved to the next round if shortlisted. It is an effective tool in problem-solving and decision-making. At the college level, students are assessed mostly based on their knowledge of the topic, their personality, their confidence level, and whether or not the students possess leadership qualities. The students’ listening skills are also checked in a group discussion. Participants are also evaluated based on their team management skills. For the participants, the most important thing in a group discussion is to see that they do not disrespect anyone by cutting their point or by fighting with them. We all are different and obviously can’t agree with all the points that other speakers are delivering but one has to make sure that if you don’t agree with their point, simply tell them that instead of insulting them by any means. There are 3 phases in a GD- Initiation, the central group discussion, and the summarization. There are separate marks for the person who initiates the group discussion and the one who summarizes the discussion.

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