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  • Ishita

    June 19, 2021 at 4:03 pm
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    Problems in the education system in India:-

    India has a very unique education system compared to other countries around the world. India has produced many genius minds. But still it is an old system. It is not as developed as other countries. The education system of other countries has gone through lots of growth and advancement but still India is stuck in it’s old system. Our education system faces a lot of problems that do not allow prosperity and help other children be successful in life.The biggest problem is the poor grading system. It creates difficulties in the intelligence of a student on the basis of merit which is in the form of exam papers. That is very unfair to students who are good in other activities but not that good at particular subjects. The system only cares about bookish knowledge. The theoretical activities are more valuable than the particles. But it is not ok to survive in the real world . The Indian education system does give enough importance to sports and arts. Students are always asked to study whenever the other activities like sports and arts are invaluable. For the problems that indian education system is facing, we can improve it by a skill development program for the students. All the educational institutions must not only focus on the ranks but also on the skills of students. Subjects will be taught with the practical method. This will increase their interest in the subjects. Also the syllabus is needed to be updated with the changing times and not follow the old method. Schools and colleges must be increase the payroll of teachers. If India can change the old system the students will shine with a better future. The old tradition must be changed with the new advance one. The all students will be better and updated.

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