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  • Ishita

    July 17, 2021 at 7:24 pm
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    Dowry system:-

    Dowry system mean during a marriage when the bride’s family gives the groom family money property for the marriage. This system is started from a very ancient times. Dowry is giving to the groom’s family so can they took the proper care of the bride. But now days it’s become like a trade. The greed of the groom’s family become more and more which led to many malicious crime like domestic violence, murder etc. Sometimes bride’s family felt very much burden for this system for not fulfilling the demand of the groom’s family. It is come as threat as if they don’t marry their girls their reputation in society will be destroyed. In Asian countries, specially in India dowry system is very much relevant in today generation also. Some people even think that if they don’t demand anything from bride’s family it’s like a crime. Sometimes the married girls have face a lots of difficulty for this even many times it’s led to their death. They have to face physical and mental violence for this. That’s why it’s become illegitimate in India. To protect girls from this the government made a law under the act 1961. For this system girl children saw as a burden in family. So the below poverty level people killed their daughter after and sometimes before birth. Dowry system should always be prevent. No one should accept or give any kind of money and property during marriage. Marriage is a bond of love and a pure relationship it should never be polluted for the act like dowry system.

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