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  • Ishita

    July 17, 2021 at 7:28 pm
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    The red color signifies many things like love, power and love. It is highly associated with love and affection. Color means a lot to many people. Some colors are used to pass across messages to the public hence making it one of the most important marks in life. It is my favorite color and I think it displays my personality. A particular color can be used to signify a particular message or have a specific meaning. An example is the red color, which for a long time has been used to symbolise different incidents in life. People show love by red color, give red roses, the card of red heart. We give the red color to the person we love. But at the same time war and therefore you find red color used to simplify the blood shed during times of war. Since human blood is in this color, we can confidently say that red depicts procreation. That’s why they grant their celebrities and VIPs anything red as a symbol of honor. And in many cultures it stands for joy ,donating transparency, and merriment. Red color brings about joy and prosperity in various countries like China. Chinese people use red as a sign of good luck. A red flag was also used by Russia when overthrowing the Tsar. Because of this, red became associated with socialism. But sometimes red also symbolises danger, like the fair siren is red, the ambulance and Fire Brigade siren is red. Red color has various shades and meaning in the matter of symbolising. So it makes the color red so unique and different from other colors.

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