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  • Harmanjot

    December 2, 2023 at 5:24 pm
    Not Helpful

    Certainty,if I were to instantly possess a new skill, let’s consider the example of learning the working of Ms word.

    • I would allocate dedicated time to practice my understanding of the Ms word.

    • If this skill aligns with my profession,I would like to apply it in my profession to enhance the productivity and contribute to project in more efficient way.

    • For my personal hobbies,I might use Ms word to create graphic design or to do other project work that aligns with my interest.

    • I would commit to ongoing learning to stay updated with advancements and deepen my expertise.

    • I would like to explore that how the skill could be used to solve various problems or innovative in various aspects.Applying the skill creatively and identifying challenges could lead to unique improvements.

    • Incorporating the skill that I instantly possess, into activities that bring joy and relaxation ensure a sustainable approach to integrating it into my life.

    • I would prioritize maintaining a balance in my life while working on skill development.

    • Setting up specific goals and working with consistency to achieve them would help maintain motivation.

    • With a view to master in the skill,I would like to break down learning process into manageable steps.

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